Frequently asked questions

What are we offering?

In a nutshell we are offering portfolio management service for retail traders.

If you're reading this, high chances you are a retail trader who is struggling to become profitable. Up till now, portfolio management services have been reserved for institutional clients or the ultra wealthy, with almost no attention given to the retail sector.

We intend to disrupt this by giving access to the high profits achieved by such institutions to the retail trader. We wish to achieve this by providing you with some of our professional trade setups which we ourselves use to generate profits in our funds.

Who are we?

We are a proprietary trading fund with a team of highly skilled and veteran traders. Over the past decade, we have successfully generated consistently high returns for all types of clients globally. We invest a lion's share of our time and resources in staying ahead of the curve by developing new and cutting-edge strategies for trading.

Why are we doing this?

Simply put we wish to be pioneers and leaders in providing professional portfolio management services to the retail pool of traders. Trading is a special skill which cannot be mastered via video courses or youtube, instead it requires complete dedication, correct knowledge, discipline, mastery of emotions and right mentoring. We understand it is not possible for the chunk of the retail traders to have access to these, hence with our expertise we wish to provide them the fruits of our labours in a mutually beneficial arrangement. For a small window of time we would be providing these services, which will include forex trading signals with live trade setups, completely FREE of charge via instagram and telegram. This is to prove our worth to the retail client and to gain your trust.

What will you gain from us?

We will provide you the following:

  1. Live entry, stop loss and take profit points.
  2. High risk-to-reward trade setups.
  3. Consistent quality trades.
  4. Trade setups immunity to high volatility news events.
  5. Ask Us our opinion on your current portfolio or trade setup to know various high probability based scenarios. Read more here.
  6. Opportunity to make trading your career via our internship programs. Learn more here.

How many Pips can you make on your account?

The correct metric of a quality trade is risk-to-reward and not pips.

You can make 100 pips in a trade with a stop loss of 200 pips, which is a risk-to-reward of only 0.5. Which means if you risked 2% of your account capital in that trade, your profit would be 1% and your loss would have been 2% in case of stop loss being hit. So you could be making 2000 pips in a week with a risk of 6000 pips, but that wouldn't grow your account.

As per our trading system we eliminate any trades with a risk-to-reward less than 1, which means pips have no inherent value. We could just make 30 pips with a stop loss of 10 pips, but that would still grow your account by 6% if you risked 2%.

How many trades will we give you daily?

We prefer quality over quantity. Even if we just provide 2 signals in a week, they would be of high risk-to-reward. As an example, If you risk 1% of your account capital per trade and you traded 2 trades per week with each trade of a risk-to-reward of 3, your total weekly profit will be 2 x 3 x 1% = 6% account growth in a week. Assuming you did not change your risk in the following weeks, your monthly growth is 6% x 4 weeks = 24% per month. Doing this on a consistent basis every month will grow your account safely and consistently irrespective of your capital size.

Can you grow your account by 100% per month?

To understand this, we first need to see how much do the market leaders make.

  • Average growth of top hedge funds in the world range between 30-40% yearly.
  • Average interest yield on your savings account or term deposits are below 4% annually world wide (depending on which part of the world you are in).
  • Average capital growth in a sellers market in real estate is around 15% annually.
None of the above calculates to 100% per month! Hence, if you're after a get-rich-quick scheme, this isn't the business for you. With strict risk management, correct signals and mastery over emotions if one can achive above 60% annually, you are beating all your competitors and professionals alike. This translates to 5% a month.

What leverage should you use for Forex and commodity trading?

Leverage is not relevant if you're adhering to good risk-to-reward trades and good risk management principles. You will make same profits on a 10:1 or a 100:1 leverage account if your trades are based on good risk-to-reward principles.

Which broker do we recommend for forex and commodity trading?

We do not endorse any broker. We can provide you with a list of things to check in a broker before you decide on one:

  • Regulated by a known and well reputed authority
  • Should not be a market maker
  • If offereing high leveraged accounts such as 500:1, better to stay away
  • Should have low spreads on major FX pairs such as EURUSD
If your account size is larger than $250,000 you should use an institutional brokerage.

Can you trade part time?

Trading is a highly skilled and specialised business requiring tremendous amount of focus, time and dedication. If you're a value investor, then sure you can trade part-time, but this is to grow your capital over years and not weeks. If you wish to grow your capital with high returns consistently every week/month and you wish to do this part-time, the short answer is - you probably can't do it on your own. This is where we come in. We do all the research and hard work for you and let you know when a trade setup is ready.

Should you opt for a pre-recorded video course to learn trading?

Trading is a skill that is developed after a lot of research and correct mentoring. If you are lucky to find a professional trader to mentor you - go ahead! But today, there are a million people selling videos claiming to teach you to trade with insane accuracy but we all know how they ultimately turn out. You cannot learn how to trade for a living with recorded videos. "No one will teach you their successful trading strategy for a couple of hundred dollars". We are not educators or providing any kind of pre-recorded video educational program. Instead we are providing professional trade setups without sharing our secret sauce. Currenlty, this service is FREE of charge for a limited time only.